Executive Presence
From wielding gravitas to captivating an audience, owning a room and owning a stage, Executive Presence is much more than how you show up. It is how people—peers, team, board, customers, and media—experience you. We will work with you one-on-one over our effective 6-session series to hone your Executive Presence. As one Nike leader said, “Justina is a master storyteller.  Even after just a few hours together, her techniques have really made a difference with the executives and teams I work with.”  
Each one-hour session contains a main topic focused on an element of Executive Presence and actionable tips gleaned from some of the most successful leaders today. In each session, we will run through exercises together and review best practices. At the end of the six-session program, you will make more impact and speak with more conviction, as you lead with true Executive Presence.
Connection: Do you make people feel comfortable? Active listening skills and staying “in the moment” shows people you’re focused on them, and they matter to you. This ability to connect is how a leader engages others, brings them along, and inspires them.
Credibility: Do you inspire trust and confidence? Do people seek you out for advice? Credibility is a leader’s ability to communicate confidence both in what they believe and why people can trust them. When leaders with strong Worthy Purpose speak, people take note…and believe.
Clarity: Do people listen to you and understand you? A leader’s ability to communicate clearly and concisely is how they command attention on the page and on the stage. Our six-session curriculum guides you to develop your Executive Presence intentionally.