We conduct several popular, hands-on, and intensive communications workshops throughout the year. All are customizable as private workshops for your organization, corporate retreat, or conferences.

NEW! RESONANCE: Out Loud & On Purpose

We are thrilled to introduce our NEW workshop on creating a Vision Narrative to amplify your impact. This workshop is designed for senior leaders, communicators, development officers, marketers, and PR specialists! Sign up for our upcoming workshop or commission a workshop for your team.

Purpose and voice are the twin accelerants of impact. Share your Worthy Purpose, and add momentum to your impact. Use your voice, and behold how your vision becomes an action plan—embraced and executed by others with you. So share your purpose and voice through a Vision Narrative—the single-most effective communications tool we’ve developed for leaders to inspire and empower employees and customers.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen firsthand how every single Vision Narrative we’ve co-created has generated greater and faster impact for leaders. In this full-day workshop, you will learn our exclusive methodology for creating a Vision Narrative and learn how to share your Worthy Purpose to capture hearts, captivate minds, and create impact.

In this intensive one-day workshop, you will walk away with:

• Our proven exercises to find, articulate, and share your Worthy Purpose.
• A draft of your own Vision Narrative, delineating your vision, thought leadership, and strategy.
• Communication strategies to create clarity and amplify impact with employees, constituents, customers, and media.

THE ART OF INSPIRATION: 7 Storytelling Secrets to Engage, Energize & Enthrall

This popular workshop on storytelling is designed for senior leadership teams, business managers, communicators, marketers, and PR specialists.

Are people excited about your company vision, product launch, campaign, and change management plans? Are they inspired to put the best of themselves toward your common goal? This workshop will focus on the essential skill of storytelling for leaders and communicators. You and your team will master the advanced storytelling devices that novelists and screenwriters deploy to powerful effect.

In this intensive one-day workshop, you will walk away with:

• The proven communications techniques of the most successful storytellers.
• New narrative devices to immediately up-level your storytelling skills.
• The three must-tell stories to connect with audiences on the page and on the stage.

UPLIFT: Igniting and Uniting with Strategy & Storytelling 

Business strategies are vitally important, but who remembers them? Strategy becomes memorable when we turn our mandates into missions: missions that we believe in.

This one-day workshop conducted by Robbie Bach (former president, Microsoft) and Justina Chen (story strategist) is specifically designed for senior leadership teams and their chief communicators to experience together. We demonstrate how leaders and communicators together can transform organizations and catalyze results. First, we amplify business strategy with Purpose and Principles. Then, with powerful storytelling, we unite teams, customers, and media around our vision and strategy.

Leaders and communicators will walk away with:

• The foundation for business and communications strategy.
• The baseline for your business narrative, including purpose, principles, and priorities.
• A proven model for effective partnership between leaders and communicators.

COMMAND THE CONVERSATION: The Power of TED-worthy Thought Leadership 

In this post-truth world of misinformation, story fatigue, and global mistrust, compelling thought leadership enables a leader to speak with earned authority and to break through doubt and noise.

In this rigorous one-day workshop designed for senior leaders and their communications teams, we will create a compelling thought leadership position to command your industry and customer conversation.

Leaders and communicators will walk away with:

• A thorough understanding of how thought leadership can elevate your industry standing and advance your business strategy.
• The foundation for your organization’s unique thought leadership, based on research and key trends.
• Narrative tools to communicate your thought leadership with conviction and credibility.


Women are judged not only by what they say, but how they look. This high-impact, invite-only bootcamp prepares female leaders to claim the big stage, the main stage, and the world stage.

Every cohort of 10 senior female leaders will be immersed in a two-day, overnight retreat, completely focused on becoming a true Firebrand Leader that our world needs right now.

Leaders will walk away with:

• Your personal platform: who you are, what you stand for, and why you are the right leader for the challenges your organization faces now.
• Your distinct thought leadership to catapult you from business leader to industry leader.
• Storytelling tools for maximum credibility and respect.
• Strategies to own the stage, from camera presence and style to body language—including seemingly mundane topics, such as telegenic makeup secrets.
• Proven techniques to handle high-conflict, high-stakes situations.

Intrigued? Contact us about applying for our next Firebrand Retreat.