LIFT: Igniting and Uniting with Strategy & Storytelling 
Our flagship workshop transforms leaders, turning mandates into a mission. We amplify your organization’s strategy with Purpose, Principles and Priorities and show how leaders can unify and electrify entire groups with strategic storytelling. 

COMMAND THE CONVERSATION: The Power of TED-worthy Thought Leadership 
In this post-fact world of misinformation and story fatigue, intriguing thought leadership enables a leader to speak with earned authority. In this rigorous workshop, leadership teams will co-create a compelling thought leadership platform to lead their industry and customer conversation.

OWN THE OFFICE: Amplifying Your Impact 
With a high-performing executive office, a leader effectively stretches not just their workday, but their career impact. This workshop is specifically tailored for your brain trust: chief-of-staff, assistant, communications team, HR partners, and advisors—the team members who can supercharge your results.

Whether you’re embarking on a press tour, investor roadshow, or high stakes pitch, we’ll polish you and your team’s performance, focusing on skills to connect and convince with authentic storytelling and interview drills.

Let’s face it. Women are judged not only by what they say, but how they look. This high-impact bootcamp prepares female leaders for the realities of being a woman in front of an audience. We’ll focus on messaging, storytelling for authenticity and credibility, tone, camera presence, style, body language, and even seemingly mundane topics, such as telegenic makeup secrets. You will leave ready to rock the stage.