“Working with Justina, I finally understood my unique strengths as a leader and my own thought leadership. That enabled me to speak more authentically, confidently, and powerfully—onstage at the Skoll World Forum, with British Parliamentary leaders, and with my own team.”

— Gabrielle Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO, Panorama Global

“You made a difference for many if not all the individuals at a very personal level. There were some powerful impacts and insights at a very human level thanks to your skill, insights and courage.”

–Sue Bevington, corporate vice president, Microsoft

“I could not have asked for a better thought partner to help develop and articulate my message, which connected me with the audience in an extremely impactful and satisfying way.”

–Bert Valdman, CEO, Optimum Energy Company

"At our flagship event, Energy Excelerator Interactive, we put our portfolio companies on stage in front of a curated audience of 150 investors, corporates, and media. Everyone from GE to Google was there. The CEOs presented themselves as the leaders they are, and that could not have been achieved without the help of Justina."

–Dawn Lippert, Director, Energy Excelerator

“The top presentation of the conference. Engaging, dynamic.”

—Corporate Writers & Editors Conference

“Loved the creativity and presentation!”

–Role of Communications in Creating Best Places to Work Conference

You really added so much, and I love how you take what is in my head and help us make it compelling and snappy. You have a real gift.”

—Melissa Waggener, CEO, WE Communications

“I think Chen & Cragen are genius and am so grateful for the work you do. Worthy Purpose is a mindshift for leaders. It forces you to answer the question, not what CAN you do, but what SHOULD you do with your talent, time, and experience. It’s about our calling—the footprint we are supposed to leave on the world.”

–Cindi Williams, former senior White House official

Robbie – Your visit to GoPro headquarters was highly divisive. The large group of employees that attended your talk, are still discussing your insights on leadership and setting priorities. The other group is pissed they missed it! Honestly, the team here was deeply impressed with your thesis and the incredible stories you’ve got to illustrate it. So good to see you — hope you’ll come back soon.”

—Jeff Brown, SVP, Communications/Public Affairs @ GoPro

“I really appreciate the blend of the storytelling / strategy content with the more practical tools. A really smart blending of the two.”

–King County Library System

"I wish there were another higher level than excellent. Justina is in a class by herself. She has such a great spirit that permeates her presentations. Simply outstanding.”

–SWIFT Conference, Brussels, Belgium

"Interesting content and terrific delivery. Just what a keynote should be.”

–Ragan Speechwriters’ Conference, Washington, DC

“Dynamic, wise, and engaging.”

–Employee Communications, PR, and Social Media Conference