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THE ART OF INSPIRATION: 7 Secrets to Engage, Energize & Enthrall 
Through evocative storytelling, we have the power to connect powerfully with audiences—whether in a meeting, onstage, or in a Tweet. In this speech, you will learn how to harness the same narrative tools that novelists use so you can create compelling corporate stories, transcendent moments, and page-turners.

Study after study shows that the number one predictor of extraordinary leadership is a person’s ability to triumph over tragedy. Those transformational moments—yet I prevailed—become the source of distinctive leadership. In this speech, you’ll learn how to craft your narrative to frame your leadership, build authenticity and connection, and advance your business message.

HE SAID / SHE SAID: The Inside Scoop into the Executive & Speechwriter Relationship
(aka How to Become Your Leader's Trusted Advisor)
Former President of Microsoft, Robbie Bach, and his chief storyteller, Justina Chen, share the inner workings of their partnership that changed his leadership. Together, they'll explain how their engagement changed from executive and speechwriter to leader and advisor. How trust was built, milestone after milestone. And how their collaboration amplified his leadership with an effective presidential platform, thought leadership position, and strategic storytelling.

FOR WHICH WE STAND: The Power of Purpose
As a leader, what do you stand for? What does your organization? Harnessing different literary forms, including a love letter written from you to the world, we investigate the uniting function of purpose to elevate groups into teams and customers into community.