Vision Narrative

Creating Vision Narratives is our most sought after offering for good reason. A Vision Narrative is the most compelling and the most comprehensive expression of a leader and an organization’s Worthy Purpose. Over the past two years, every single leader who has co-created their Vision Narrative with us has generated greater and faster impact because they are inspirational at a real, deep, and authentic level. Every single leader has deemed our collaboration to be “career-changing.” Every single leader has delivered a career-defining moment onstage. We want this for you.

What is a Vision Narrative?

A Vision Narrative is the most compelling and inspirational written and verbal expression of a leader’s Worthy Purpose. Delivered with masterful storytelling, leaders resonate, as they share their thought leadership, vision, and strategy. Your custom book serves as the cornerstone of all your executive communications—employee communications, keynotes, pitches, press interviews, analyst meetings.

When do you need a Vision Narrative?

• When your vision is out of date or no longer relevant.
• When you’re steering your business in a new direction.
• When your team doesn’t understand your strategy.
• When you’re transitioning into a new role.
• When your organization is undergoing change management.
• When the media or financial analysts are skeptical of your direction.
• When customers are lukewarm about your message.
• When you feel lackluster after (or during) a speech.
• When your organization has been acquired or restructured.
• When the messaging is inconsistent across your team or organization.

What are the benefits of a Vision Narrative?

• Share a compelling story of your Worthy Purpose, vision, thought leadership, strategy, and call to action.
• Elevate your organization’s mission to societal importance.
• Reposition yourself from a business leader to an industry visionary.
• Drive consistency in all messaging.
• Reduce prep time for major communications: keynotes, meetings, analyst calls, pitches, and briefings.

What is the process of creating a Vision Narrative?

• Two three-hour interviews with your leader.
• One full-day workshop with your leadership team.
• Up to 40 hours of research, including interviews with key team members.

What deliverables are included in a Vision Narrative?

• Custom book, articulating your Worthy Purpose, vision, mission, personal narrative, thought leadership, and strategy.
• OPTIONAL add-ons: Retainer for communications consultation. Stump speech and PowerPoint deck. A full script with speaker cues. One-on-one speaker coaching. Onsite speaker support for keynotes.