Editorial Review

So you already have a speech that you know in your gut isn’t working, yet you aren’t sure what to do? Learn why our editorial reviews are quickly becoming our most popular speechwriting service. Unique in the communications industry, we apply our proven speechwriting know-how and storytelling skills to provide a full analysis and the solutions for fixing any speech. Whether it’s a problem with pacing or thought leadership, we’ll make concrete suggestions to strengthen your speech.

Our Editorial Review includes an in-depth editorial letter along with in-line edits of the script itself. We also conduct a two-hour consultation so you and your team can make the final changes with confidence—and at the same time, improve your storytelling skills for all your future speeches.

The process for an Editorial Review is as follows:

  1. After your team sends us your script, our team conducts a full editorial analysis.
  2. We send you an editorial letter and in-line edits of the script.
  3. We then conduct a two-hour phone consultation to review our feedback.
  4. OPTIONAL add-on: We can review a revised script. Additional phone consultations. Retainer for your next speech to build on messaging.